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Closet Control is a Luxury brand established in 2013 with a vision of providing Exceptional quality and self-assured style. A classic brand that values ethically sourced materials, we think comfort is at the center of style and that it is timeless and individual. Our dedication to quality in each and every fabric we manufacture has always set us apart from the competition. Closet Control is a luxury brand that combines comfort and style as every fabric and clothing has a fashionable pattern and tasteful finishing touch.

Parent: Ripstop Apparel

Closet Control is a chain of well-known and fastest growing company Ripstop Apparel which deals in Manufacturing of denim and cotton products. Each and every piece is made with 100% pure denim and cotton fabric. Over 25 years of excellence Ripstop Apparel is providing exceptional quality products and fashionable styles.

What we do for you?

Our eco- friendly denim is symbol of elegant styling and exemplary for every event. No matter the season, classics never go out of trend.

Customer care is the cornerstone of any thriving business, where personalized attention & prompt assistance create a positive & memorable experience for every customer.

Customers are always first priority and we are always happy to entertain you.

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If you’re interested in employment opportunities at CLOSET CONTROL, please email us: bdm@closetcontrol.com.pk

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